Simple Diet plan and Drinks for weight loss quickly in one week

Diet plan for weight loss in one week


If you want to lose your put-on weight quickly in one week. if you want your dream body but you are not losing weight. so this diet plan for weight loss will be helpful for you. In this post, I am going to tell you a very interesting and simple diet plan for weight loss which will help you to lose your 2-3 kg weight quickly in one week and also helps to improve your health. but it also depends on your metabolism, your energy level. this diet plan for weight loss in one week is scientifically proven. you will not get much sleep nor will you feel more lethargic by this diet.

This diet plan for weight loss will be helpful for both men and women. I will walk you through all meals of the day giving you plenty of options to choose from. this diet plan is workable and if you stick to it you will get results.

So let’s start with Do’s and Don’ts, to follow this diet plan for weight loss in one week,
1. Do’s:
i. You should drink 10-15 glasses of water daily.
ii. Eat more fruits like apples, guava, oranges, cherry, pineapple.
iii. Try to drink only toned milk

2. Don’ts:
i. avoid junk food
ii. Avoid sugar you can drink green tea
iii. Avoid eating high salt fruit
iv. Avoid alcohol
v. Avoid pickle or papad

So let’s start a Diet plan for weight loss in one week

  • Start with a fresh morning

morning image

Making any beg lifestyle and diet changes can be challenging as especially at first. there are a lot of routines that you will learn. What’s the best way to get started with a diet plan?

We should wake up early in the morning because morning is an excellent way to put our life on a proper course. morning time is a golden time. in the morning the environment is undisturbed and pure it is an ideal time for working on your goal.

So always start your morning at 7 am. start your day with turmeric tea. turmeric tea is a natural detoxifier the active ingredient in turmeric increases thermogenesis. these lead to fat burning help with weight loss. You should drink 2-3 glasses of water in the morning whether you can drink hot water or add lemon or honey into it. do some exercise because exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle or walk for at least half an hour in the morning.

  • Mid-morning breakfast:

simple diet plan for breakfast





If you wake up between 6 to 7 am, have your breakfast by 8:00 AM.  if you are waiting until 9 or 10 AM,  it’s too late.   try to never skip your breakfast. Always eat a light breakfast.

Try to avoid brown bread you can eat multigrain toast with one whole apple you can apply peanut butter over toast you can have a glass of toned milk with it or you can drink tea or coffee. you can also drink the juice of mixed fruits.

  • Mid-Lunchtime

diet plan for weight loss in one week The ideal time to have lunch is between 12-2:30 PM. always try to keep a gap of 4 hours between your breakfast and lunch. never eat lunch after 4 PM. lunch is the main part of staying healthy and fit.

You can make a healthy plate with sprouts, one roti, brown rice with a bowl of curd, and salad. always try to add fundamental foods like curd, it helps to increase your metabolism, boosts your weight loss goals.

At 4’o clock, we all want to eat something, so if you want to lose weight you can drink green tea or you can eat biscuits with it avoid eating junk food at that time. eating healthy food is an important part of fitness.

  • What should be your perfect dinner time?

diet plan dinner time

The ideal time to have dinner is between 6-9 PM. 7:30 is the best mealtime. always try to keep a gap between your dinner and bedtime. never delay dinner later than 10 PM.  eating too much food also cause diseases. I will suggest you eat fruits for dinner also.

This diet plan is a scientifically proven complex carbohydrate diet in which the amount of saturated fat is very less which will helps to lose weight and increase your energy level. Eating a suggested amount of protein is vital to help to maintain your health and muscle mass while losing weight.

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