Avoid 5 Common Workout Mistakes While Doing Belly Fat Exercises and ab Exercises

Common workout mistakes:

All of us at some point have wondered if we can just have a flatter stomach without having to suck so much, but the truth is there are only very few of us that are truly happy with our content levels of belly fat and feel good about that area and even fewer of us get anywhere close to getting well-defined abs whether it be that six-packs or the eleven line abs.

So in this article, you will get to know about bally fat mistakes and ab exercises mistakes which you all commonly do during your regular exercise. So strap in because this is a good one. This information is about exercises that remove fat not only from the belly but also from your back.

Exercises that we know of as of today that can isolate just the belly area and extract fat from only the bally and now ever else, but there are many exercises that make 1000% sense to do if the goal is to lose belly fat and them there are some exercises that just aren’t as effective those other exercises aren’t bad to do honestly as long as you’re not hurting yourself. There is no such thing as bad exercise. But if the goal is to lose belly fat or to get abs some exercises just make more sense than others.

So many women work so hard on their belly fat only to make exactly zero progress some people doing a hundred reps of something every day and they just don’t seem to make any progress.

We should know that getting abs and losing belly fat requires taking care of things like assuming quality whole-grain foods like brown rice and spinach, consuming quality lean proteins like chicken breast, and reducing sugar but in addition to these entire things, one of the major reasons why most of us women and even some men don’t anywhere close to reducing belly fat or having visible abs is that we are either doing the wrong exercises for our goals or we are doing the correct exercises but in the wrong way.

Ab exercises and belly fat exercises are actually really effective for losing belly fat and getting the abs to look snatched but they can also be very tricky to do correctly. Some people just put their legs in the wrong way. Some people just find it difficult to breathe.

There are just all sorts of issues, and the reason I am sharing specifically about ab exercises and belly fat exercises is that these are the exercises that can actually cause back pain, back problems if they are not done correctly, by the way, if you already have back pain or you are already experiencing back problems definitely see a physical therapist.

So 5 common workout mistakes that a lot of us make with our belly fat exercises and our ab exercises if you make sure that you avoid these common workout mistakes and you are motivated enough to be consistent for a little while you can easily reach your goal to reduce belly fat have a flatter stomach.

1.Plank Mistakes

common workout mistake


Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do for your belly area. There are so many variations of planks and for good reasons with a plank, you just need to stay still in one position so that gravity pulls on your stomach and your ab muscles have to work against gravity.

This is the mechanics of doing a plank now getting it right is actually a different matter. It sounds so simple, but it can be difficult to do. one of the most common mistakes, people trying to do planks is the tendency to stick the booty up in the air while doing the plank this booty maneuver allows us to do our planks for a long time but it reduces the benefit to the core. remember the idea is to have a contraction in the abs.

So if the booty is grazing the ceiling there is just not enough contraction in the abs to get the result that you are looking for. So to do the plank, correctly. It is so important to pay attention to that booty and keep the spine straight anytime you get into your plank position just mentally remember to bring your hips down a little bit. Even if you think it’s already good just bring it down a little bit.

The aim is to just have the spine as straight as possible as parallel to the floor as possible. It will give you maximum tension and isolation in your abs doing the plank right will make you feel the immediate contraction in your abs your goal is to try to get your form down before trying to do it for a long time.

A five-second plank is better than nothing than once you have that down. Next time do your planks for seven seconds next time for 15 seconds. And before you know it you’ll be doing 30-second planks. I can assure you that correcting this one mistake alone will help you engage your core so much better and get much better results.

2.The lying leg lifts mistake

The lying leg lifts mistake another really common mistake that many people make is with lying leg lifts. These are also called leg drops with this exercise on the big mistake is focusing on trying to do many instead of focusing on getting them quality reps. a quality rep is a wrap where you have contraction and tension in the abs.

if you suffer from diastasis recti which is a separation of the ab muscles due to childbirth. this is an exercise that for some woman can actually make the condition worse so if this something you are experiencing then it’s a good idea to talk to a physical therapist just to make sure that you are safe and you are not making things worse because that the last thing we want it may make things worse so just wanted to throw that in there it’s a very common issue.

But if you don’t have that issue and you are doing leg drops it is critical to get that contraction and tension in the abs you do this by making sure that the lower back is flush against the floor. If you notice that your lower back keeps lifting off of the floor.

when you are doing leg drops you are not maximizing the benefit of this exercise one way to help that lower backstay against the floor is by placing your palms face down on the floor as a wedge underneath your butt to keep your lower back on the floor you will find that by keeping your lower back on the floor you may not be able to go through the full range of motion that is your heel may not get to the floor when you try to put it down.

This is okay the stronger your core and ab muscles get the closer to the floor you will be able to get your legs. In fact, if you do your leg drops are lying leg lifts correctly you may not be able to survive more than five seconds. It can be that intense. That doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong or you are not good at it.

It means you are doing right as long as you keep showing up and you keep trying your best you will see that you will get stronger and before you know it you can do 30 seconds nonstop, so don’t be discouraged with that struggle, in the beginning, it’s a very short phase where you are struggling before you get into it and then you understand the mechanics and you just become unstoppable.

3.Placement of your hand during the belly exercise and ab exercise

placing your hands behind your neck or your head while trying to do exercises like sit-ups and crunches. This is a very common thing to do. There is nothing inherently wrong with the hand positioning itself.  where we get into trouble is when we get tired and then we start pulling on our necks and our heads.

Try to get our upper bodies to sit up for that last rep there is a high risk of pulling on the neck muscles and getting a strain. Neck pain is not cool to just save yourself besides if you are using your arms to pull your head and neck up then your abs aren’t really doing what they are supposed to be doing with the movement and just as a side note if you are a true beginner to add exercises and belly fat exercises just know that you will not feel your ab muscles for a long time.

So if you are not feeling it right away don’t stress about it. Just focus on making sure that you are doing the exercise with the best form that you know how to and be consistent with your workout. You will avoid injury if you are doing things correctly and you will get stronger if you stay consistent and you will get the results you are looking for.

This mistake is instead of placing your hands directly behind your head or behind your neck, it might be helpful to place your hands on the size of your head or on your ears or you can even cross them over your chest.

This way your hands are not behind your head or behind your neck and you don’t have the temptation to pull on those muscles to get that last rep in your aim really should be to keep your head and your neck locked in one position so that all the pressure is coming from your abs to pull your upper body to do the work. This mistake is one of the many reasons why some people don’t get results from doing crunches mistake

4. Jumping Jacks Mistake

Jumping jacks may feel like a kid and it’s the one exercise most people learn how to do when we are all kids, but one mistake is that you don’t have to do jumping jacks if you are doing many other exercises.

The jumping jack is optional but if you must do jumping jacks, when you land you must have a slight bend in the knee as a person who has had knee pain in the past you don’t want to go through that trauma, so don’t lock your knees.

What this does is helps s distribute the impact to other parts of your body so that your knees and your kneecaps aren’t absorbing all the shock and even if you are doing step jacks as well it is helpful to still keep that soft bend in your knee to help your body absorb the shock.

5.Resistance Exercises

Doing only resistance or weight training resistance exercises, like bicycle sit-ups and crunches are really good and if you don’t have a lot of belly fat these exercises really might be all you need to get that visible definition in your abs but if you are o the struggle bus with belly fat. Remember cardio is your friend.

If you have a real issue with belly fat jumping jacks or subjects which we just talked about are an excellent example of cardio and as you probably know from experience the stomach is one of the last places where excess fat likes to sit it can be really challenging to get rid of but if you stay focused it’s totally possible to burn belly fat and see the results you want.

Try incorporating cardio into your routine at least two or three days a week. You can try running or swimming as well.

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